Sunday, October 5, 2008

Big Head's Montage

Stephen Mullen wanted to write todays blog.

Ok so yall all know that im layed out , broke as a damn joke. Hopefuly, I will be good in the next month.. Ed Pels video dropped and shit was hot. Definitly feeing the old man army going on their. Go support the localness and by a vid just for 10 bucks. Anyways, since i can skate at all i take fatboys shit and try to bust a film. I aint that sweet at it YET.. Anti Gravity is back in action.. Its going to be in newport news and i think its open on thanksgiving. The dude Jed that is running it is the man.. He also told me about a contest december 6, so go hit that up fo sho.. Anyways heres a park montage of a bunch of the homies doing their thing a little.. stayed tuned the Free Calvin dudes have been doing work and about to bang yall up decently in a little with that vid.. holla at me ...