Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, the story starts like this. Fatboy,Bruce,Wilderness Jack, Gimpy, and me headed to nc around 430 Saturday morning. Got their around 745, and seriously froze to death. So, we hibernated for a little . Then lets just say our first spot was a 12 stair rail. Lets just say Gimpy wasn't feeling the warm up spot, and got his neck twisted back. HINT, the nick name GIMPY comes in. So, the day started and everyone saw Wilderness jack eat shit for the first time ever!!! This dude was just falling for no reason! The days over and we got this rust bucket, half a star hotel that cost 70 bones. The next day everyone put some work in. End of the story good times once again and many of good laughs to remember. I think fatness is going to post up some cool pics. I keep it real.